committees oversee club functions and events.


Each committee plays a vital role in the success of the club. Committees consist of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and members to perform assigned committee tasks. We can think of no better way to get involved in FISMC functions and events than to volunteer for a committee. By doing so, you not only raise your profile in the club, but also in the industry as well. In committee participation, you have the opportunity to work closely with retailers at many levels, including senior management. Please look over the FISMC Committees below to see where you may contribute.


Plan and select menus for all scheduled luncheons and dinners. Designate proper seating arrangements and prepare name badges.



Record membership attendance and conduct registration at events.



 Audit occurs early in the new year and covers the previous year’s transactions. The Treasurer brings all files for review. The Audit Chairperson reviews past reports and requests back-up documentation for transactions reported, verifying that records have been accurately and honestly kept. Treasurer provides requested information from the files.  Committee members help answer questions about Club’s financial activities.


Chief Information Officer

An advisor to the President, Officers, and Board Members of FISMC. Is the point of contact person for all resources and Club affairs. Is responsible for all Club equipment, social media, researching and facilitating new ways to increase membership.



Maintain and update Employment Packet. Act as a conduit to open positions within the industry and communicate to members.


EVENT Chairperson

Responsible for choosing the date, time, and place based on event honoree. Also responsible for creating a committee to help with the following aspects of the event (Registration/Reservations, Name Badges, Set Up, Arrangements, Greeters, Photographers, Etc).










Welcome and direct members and guests to event locations.



An advisor to the President, Officers, and Board Members of FISMC. Ensures quorum is present at all board meetings, is knowledgeable of Club’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, attends all Board Meetings, and recommends the blending of old and new philosophies to be more proactive in keeping with today’s business environment.



Interview and process the applications of prospective new members.



Arrange suitable programs for the education and entertainment of the club.



Contact all trade publications offering information on present and future club events. Maintain and update website.



Prepare and mail to every member in good standing a copy of the revised roster, and maintain up-to-date identification badges for the members.